National Board Certified Teacher

What You'll Learn

Prepare to become a National Board Certified Teacher and deepen your thinking and increase your use of effective practices that results in:

  • A renewed commitment to students and their learning
  • A great knowledge of the subject you teach and how to teach the subject to students
  • Improved management and monitoring of student learning
  • Systematical thinking about your practice and learning from experiences
  • Leadership and enhanced collaboration skills with members of the learning community

What You'll Accomplish

  • Belong to an elite group of teachers in Nebraska. In 2016, there were only 120 National Board Certified Teachers in the state
  • Membership into a professional learning community of nationally certified teachers
  • Financial incentives for National BOard certified teachers in many districts and states
  • Advancement in the quality of teaching and learning by meeting the highest standards of the profession
  • Recognition among the most effective teachers with the highest performing students
  • Powerful professional development experiences
  • A stronger resume and portfolio


YEAR 1 (General)
          EDU 520 Education Law and Governance (3 credits)
          EDU 521 Societal Frameworks in Education (3 credits)
          EDU 522 Transformational Leadership (3 credits)
          EDU 523 Continuous School Improvement (3 credits)
          EDU 524 Action Research and School Improvement (3 credits)
          EDU 525 Trends in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Programming (3 credits)

YEAR 2 (National Board Certified Specific)
          EDU 630 Introduction to NBPTS Candidacy (3 credits)
          EDU 631 Effective Teaching (3 credits)
          EDU 632 Mid-Capstone - Portfolio (3 credits)
          EDU 633 Leading through Coaching (3 credits)
          EDU 634 Content Study (3 credits)
          EDU 699 Capstone Presentation (3 credits)