This program provides classroom teachers and prospective principals with the increased knowledge, improved skills, and enhanced dispositions for leadership in the classroom and in the school. Be a leader in education in your school, district, state, and nation by choosing between one of two paths during your M.Ed.--Principal Endorsement or National Board Teacher Certification Preparation. you can also do both by taking our third year option.

Why the Midland M.Ed.?

Hybrid Structure

The Midland M.Ed. is a 36 credit-hour program that you can complete in two years. During the school year each course runs for eight weeks and during the summer two courses run simultaneously for eight weeks.

For all courses there is an in-person meeting on the first and sixth Saturdays when instructors provide relevant opportunities for application, inquiry and collaboration. In-person classes meet at Midland University: Omaha Campus, and the coursework and capstone project will align with your school improvement plan while helping impact students in the process.

During the distance weeks, you can continue this collaboration and discussions online and at the same time receive timely feedback from peers and instructors. This program allows full-time working professionals with family and other commitments to advance their career.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from experienced Midland instructors with multiple years of K-12 leadership in education. Immediately put into practice the new strategies and concepts you learn. Each student will also work with an individual mentor that will engage and support your learning during the program.

Professional Network

Seeing classmates and professors in-person will help you build a strong network and support system as you move through the program as a cohort. Working together over distance will help you maintain relationships, challenge your thinking, and increase opportunities for sharing authentic experiences that enrich learning.