National Board Certified Teacher Preparation

What is National Board Certification?

Grounded in the National Board’s Five Core Propositions that describe what teachers should know and be able to do, the certification process is designed to collect standards-based evidence of accomplished practice*. In all 25 certificate areas, candidates are required to complete four components. 

Component 1: Content Knowledge

Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction

Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment

Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner  

Learn more about each component here.

Why Certify?

National Board-Certified teachers prove their effectiveness in the classroom every day. Here are some reasons to become Board-Certified:
  • Students acheive more. Research shows students of Board-Certified teachers learn more than their peers without Board-Certified teachers. Board-Certified teachers are also found to have a greater positive impact on minority and low-income students.
  • Teachers (Teaching) improve(s). Obtaining the Board Certification allows teachers to hone their practice, showcase their talent in the classroom and demonstrate their dedication to their students and their profession.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Schools with National Board Certified Teachers are categorized by exceptional teacher morale and retention and increased community involvement. 
  • Board Certification opens doors. Board-certified teachers are recognized as experts, therefore, they are often sought out for leadership positions in their schools and districts.
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Certification Areas

Categories for broad certification include the following areas:

NBCT Areas of Certification

Curriculum Overview

Students complete 18 credits (6 courses) in a general core curriculum during the first year of course work and an additional 18 credits (6 courses) within the chosen concentration in the second year. 

Students can also complete an optional third year and complete the 18 credits in the other concentration to become MA + 18 on the salary schedule and qualified in both.

Core Curriculum - Year One (18 credits)

Education Law and Governance (3 Credits)
Societal Frameworks in Education (3 Credits)
Transformational Leadership (3 Credits)
Continuous School Improvement (3 Credits)
Action Research and School Improvement (3 Credits)
Trends in Curriculum, Instructions, Assessment and Programming (3 Credits)

National Board Teacher Certification Preparation Curriculum - Year Two (18 Credits)

Introduction to NBPTS Candidacy (3 Credits)
Effective Teaching (3 Credits)
Mid-Capstone - Porfolio (3 Credits)
Leading through Coaching (3 Credits)
Content Study (3 Credits)
Capstone Presentation (3 Credits)
Below is the curriculum plan for the 2-year program.  Download the printable version here.