Terms & Conditions

Graduate Education Scholarships

Students who enroll in graduate education courses at Midland University receive a $50 per credit scholarship upon their enrollment in the program. 

This scholarship will be awarded on a recurring basis, so long as the student remains in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing with the University. Scholarships will not exceed tuition charged, and are awarded after any partner scholarships or employer support is received by the University.

Community Support Application Scholarship

Students who complete their application to the Master of Education program between March 23, 2020 and May 1, 2020 will receive an additional $500 scholarship.
Students who complete their application to any graduate education endorsement program before May 1, 2020 will receive an additional $250 scholarship.
  • This scholarship may be combined with other graduate education scholarships offered by Midland University, and will be distributed across the student's program.
  • A completed application requires the online application form as well as all required written documents.
  • To qualify, students must begin classes at Midland University no later than August 22, 2020.
Alumni Discount

Graduates of Midland University or Midland Lutheran College undergraduate or graduate programs will receive a 10% discount on graduate education tuition upon enrollment in their program. Tuition discount applies to all terms in which scholarships awarded do not exceed tuition charged.

Privacy Policy

Personal or contact information gathered from prospective students will be kept by Midland University until the student chooses to opt-out. Any data provided may be used for admissions purposes, but will never be sold to an outside party.