The Midland University Master of Education program is a 36-credit hour program that provides classroom teachers and prospective principals with the increased knowledge, improved skills, and enhanced dispositions for leadership in the classroom and in the school.

As a Midland M.Ed. student, you will complete 18 credits in core course areas during the first year and an additional 18 credits in your specific concentration in your second year. You can also take the third-year option to complete 18 credits of the other concentration to become certified in both.

Master Candidates must hold a valid teaching certificate, and two years of teaching experience is required for the Principal Endorsement or the National Board Teacher Certification.

YEAR 1 (Core Curriculum - 18 Credits)

EDU520: Education Law and Governance (3 Credits)
EDU521: Societal Frameworks in Education (3 Credits)
EDU522: Transformational Leadership (3 Credits)
EDU523: Continuous School Improvement (3 Credits)
EDU524: Action Research and School Improvement (3 Credits)

EDU525: Trends in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Programming (3 Credits)

YEAR 2 (National Board Teacher Certification Preparation Curriculum - 18 Credits)

EDU630: Introduction to NBPTS Candidacy (3 Credits)
EDU631: Effective Teaching (3 Credits)
EDU632: Mid-Capstone - Portfolio (3 Credits)
EDU633: Leading through Coaching (3 Credits)
EDU634: Content Study (3 Credits)

EDU698: Capstone Presentation (3 Credits)


YEAR 2 (Principal Endorsement Certification Curriculum - 18 Credits)

EDU620: Operational Leadership (3 Credits)
EDU621: Strategic Leadership (3 Credits)
EDU607: School-Based Experience and School Improvement Action Research (3 Credits)
EDU623: Instructional Leadership for the Principal (3 Credits)
EDU624: The Principal Internship (3 Credits)

EDU699: School Improvement Action Research Project - Capstone (3 Credits)

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Students may choose to complete both the National Board Certified Teacher Preparation track and the Principal Endorsement track, taking a total of three years, pending class availability.