ESL Endorsement

This program may be completed as a stand-alone endorsement or through the Master of Education program.

Why Earn Your ESL Endorsement?

With an increase in the ELL population throughout the Midwest, many schools are choosing ESL-endorsed teachers. With this endorsement, a teacher can advance to positions within their district like ESL coordinator or ESL facilitator that often come with advanced pay and responsibilities.

Note: It is NOT a requirement that you speak or know another language to enroll in this program.

Program Details

Throughout the 12-month program, Midland ESL students will gain hands on experiences working in the classroom with diverse student populations in a variety of settings for immediate application from learning.

This endorsement is completed at the graduate level, provided the student holds a teaching certificate. Individuals with this endorsement may teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in the grade levels that they are prepared. This can be a PK-12, PK-6, 4-9, or 7-12 endorsement.

Program Outcomes

The Midland ESL Endorsement will help you become an educator that promotes the success and well-being of every ELL by:

  1. Knowing, understanding, and using the major theories and research related to the structure and acquisition of language to help English Language Learners’ (ELLs) develop language and literacy and achieve in the content areas. 
  2. Knowing, understanding, and using major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to the nature and role of culture and cultural groups to construct supportive learning environments for ELLs. 
  3. Knowing, understanding, and using evidence-based practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing standards-based ESL and content instruction. 
  4. Demonstrating understanding of issues and concepts of assessment and use standards-based procedures with ELLs. 
  5. Utilizing research and policy and understand current issues to improve curriculum, instruction and assessment of the ELL. 
  6. Working collaboratively with school staff and the community to improve the learning environment, provide support, and advocate for ELLs and their families 

Curriculum Overview

Throughout the 12-month, fully online program, students will complete five courses (15 credits) and 60 + field hours*. Classes begin five times throughout the year and students can choose to start courses in August, January, December, March or June of each year.

Program of Study - 15 credits

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

Field Hours*

ESL 500 Introduction to ESL  3  
ESL 555  Cross Cultural Communication  3  
ESL 601  Methods/Assessments/Evaluation of ESL  3  
ESL 655  Linguistics  3  
ESL 698  ESL Practicum & Study  3  45 (+)

* Field hours can be completed within the student's current building or district providing there is an ELL student population.

Already taken some ESL courses?

Midland does allow students to transfer previous graduate-level ESL course work into this program. Connect with an advisor to discuss any previous coursework completed to see if it may transfer.