Principal Endorsement

This program may be completed as a stand-alone endorsement or through the Master of Education program.

Students holding a master's degree in education can pursue the Educational Administration - Principal Endorsement program. Students without a masters degree in education will need to pursue this endorsement as part of the MEd. Throughout the program, students will build upon the skills used in the classroom to help gain an understanding of the types of decisions and leadership skills necessary at an administrative level to:

  • Make a difference. Administrators are a crucial part of hiring and developing effective staff who build positive relationships and collaborate with colleagues, families and communities. 
  • Build systems. Reliable systems for keeping students from falling through the cracks, systems for helping teachers grow professionally, and systems for dealing with safety and ethical concerns is an important part of being a principal. 
  • Advocate and Promote. Advocating for policies that promote equity and excellence in support of student's needs and the school's vision. 

The Principal Endorsement requires the successful completion of the following courses:

Operational Leadership (3 Credits)
Strategic Leadership (3 Credits)
School-Based Experience and School Improvement Action Research (3 Credits)
Instructional Leadership for the Principal (3 Credits)
The Principal Internship (3 Credits)
School Improvement Action Research Project / Capstone (3 Credits)

If your Master of Education degree had a leadership focus, you may be able to complete your endorsement program with only the courses above; if your degree was focused in curriculum or subject-focused, it is likely you will also need to take additional leadership coursework at Midland. Each student's transcript will be evaluted individually for both these core courses and any additional transfer credit. Students who have graduated from or are currently enrolled in Midland's Master of Education program will have met all prerequisites.